Мир Instagram: 1 миллиард подписчиков и 5 вдохновляющих аккаунтов

Крис Бёркард – @chrisburkard

Крис Буркард – известный американский путешественник и фотограф-самоучка. На данный момент за его страничкой в Instagram следят 3 миллиона подписчиков.

Его работы вдохновляют и завораживают. Они демонстрируют все стороны жизни путешественника.

One valuable lesson I have learned over the years is that you have to be willing invest in your career. It took me years to learn this and actually apply it. Aerial photography for me has been one of those investments. Tons of time, energy and money has been spent perfecting this craft before I felt willing share it. I fell in I love with it because of the planes, the pilots and most of all, the perspective. I enjoy this process of learning a new craft and giving so much of myself to it because it means that In the end I will ultimately appreciate the experience and images more. They have a literal value because they cost me something more significant than just pushing the shutter. I say this because it’s like anything else in your career - before anyone is going to hire you for a job or deem you as a professional on the subject you have to prove your capable. Don’t just wait for the opportunity to come to you, create that opportunity. The first assignments I ever had, were ones I gave to myself. Also at a certain point you have to accept that some things won’t make a return on investment. Certainly down the road I’ll make a book on my aerial work and may even sell a few prints or license an image but honestly nothing will come close to making up for the time and money spent. So why do it? Because the experiences are worth it. The ability to see someone’s face light up when they see a photograph of a place they never thought existed. Even a handful of likes & comments can go a long way to getting me stoked on recent work. . Full gallery of my Hawaii’s aerial images available to check out in my bio link or here : www.chrisburkard.com/Shop/HAWAII/ #prophotoshowdown

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