Superpowers of newborn babies

1. Gag reflex

Automatically push foreign objects out of your mouth to avoid choking.

2. Newborns can crawl

If you put the newborn is on a flat hard surface, then he begins to make creeping movements (on his back and on his stomach). If we place a support (hand, for example) under his legs, then the movements increase.

3. Swim under water.

Up to 6 months a diving reflex is triggered.

4. Crying without tears.

It’s happens because their tear ducts aren’t yet fully developed even after birth. Therefore, they have only basal tears - a liquid sufficient to keep their eyes moist and healthy. Simply their tears don’t appear because of the closed ducts.

5. Grasping Reflex.

If you press on the child’s palm with your fingers, the child firmly grasps them. Then you can lift out the child so that he would be held only with his fingers for yours.