How to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Perhaps these methods will not cool your room, as air conditioning does, but they can prevent strong heat.

Close the curtains

Try to close the curtains on the windows facing the sun. The darker and denser the fabric - the less sunlight gets inside the room. Also, an excellent option would be a solar window film that blocks some rays and reduces glare.

Use fans

In fact, the movement of air does not reduce the temperature. When the fan is on, the air blows through your skin and reduces sweating. You can use fans to suck hot air out of the room. First, place the electric fans in your windows so that they are directed outward to suck the hot air out of the room.

More green plants

Houseplants absorb warm air and release oxygen and cold moisture into it, which helps to reduce the temperature of the space around it. Aloe vera and succulents, as well as any other plants that do not require frequent watering, will be an excellent option because they drink water from the moist air around them. Place them in a sunny window for an extra bonus that blocks the passage of light into your home.

Reduce the use of technology

Reduce the use of "hot" devices. In particular, ovens and dishwashers operate at high temperatures, so these days, wash the dishes by hand and stick to simple, ordinary dishes.