Three uncommon traits of highly intelligent people

Tell, please, were you annoyed in your childhood, when your parents forced you to clean your room, sent you to bed early, or scolded you for “bad” words? If the answer is yes, do not rush to worry or attribute yourself to the mischievous. Perhaps your behavior was caused by a very interesting reason. So, according to the latest research, scientists have concluded that “bad” behavior may indicate a high level of mental capacity. Plus, they identified three main uncommon signs that are characteristic of highly intelligent people.

Intelligent people go to bed late

Researchers have found a link between the habit of going to bed after midnight and excellent mental capacity. And therefore, if you tend to go to bed rather late, it may indicate a high intelligence. In addition, the "owls" more often have outstanding creative abilities than the "larks". And, as creative people themselves say, often inspiration comes to them at night, and in general, the second half of the day is always more productive for them. By the way, Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley, Barack Obama, Keith Richards are in the list of famous "owls".

A messy desk and intelligence go hand in hand

If the “creative chaos” is a common thing for you, then you will like the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of Minnesota. They are sure that the mess, for example in the workplace or in the apartment, is closely linked to the peculiarities of a person’s thinking. And despite the fact that many consider that people who make mess around themselves are undisciplined slobs, the same behavior is typical of geniuses. Scientists believe that mess contributes to creative productivity, while ideal order forces to follow the conventions and rules.

Using swear words

It is commonly believed that swear words are used by people of lower intelligence, who allegedly have limited vocabulary. But studies have shown that people who could name the most swear words within a minute tend to score higher on an IQ test. Scientists believe that that a rich vocabulary of swear words often indicates a person’s eloquence, rather than the attempt to hide verbal deficits.

And therefore, if you notice similar habits among your relatives, do not rush to classify them as a circle of poorly educated slobs – maybe it is a genius before you. And if you notice that you have the same characteristics, it may be time to think whether you are using your full potential or are there still a couple of hidden talents?