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Thinking too much is a bad thing or how to stop scrolling the same thing in your head for the hundredth time

Surely, you have had such a situation that thoughts about a particular person, a problem or a situation, like a broken record, scrolling again and again through your head. Even one gets the feeling that these thoughts are pursuing you everywhere and, whatever you do, in parallel, you still think about the same thing. At some stage, you yourself already are got tired of these thoughts, but since the “off” option is not provided in the human functional, it is not possible to get rid of them. If such condition is familiar to you, then perhaps, the pieces of advice from the American psychoanalyst and writer Amy Morin will be useful to you.

According to Amy, people who are thinking about everything in the world, not deliberately, but are driving crazy all of their surroundings. By rotating the same thoughts for the hundredth time, a person exhausts himself, his family and friends. Of course, the expert agrees that preparation and planning are very effective strategies for solving any problems, because, often, having thought out very good about the issues that worries us, we really manage to find a more creative and extraordinary solution. On the other hand, you spend hours analyzing your problems, you create them even more. Excessive concentration on what causes you negative emotions, makes you to constantly be in a state of panic and anxiety. That is why, if you notice that the same thoughts fill all your time, the psychoanalyst advises to ask yourself the following three questions.

Can this be solved?

There are problems and situations that cannot be solved. So, you are not able to change the events of the past, as well as get someone to truly love you or to cure a loved one with the power of thought (unless you have certain supernormal abilities). Therefore, constant thoughts about such things are destructive, and concentrating on them you only cause damage to yourself and your well-being.

Am I thinking about a problem or looking for a solution?

You can, of course, spend a lot of time doing the first, but much more promising to bet on the second. If the situation can be solved, you need to solve it. For example, if you have financial difficulties, it will be much more useful to think about how to earn more money and get rid of debts, than for hours to lament about the injustice of life.

What do I get by thinking it over?

If, for example, you think a lot about what area you would like to work in, comparing different options and analyzing all the pros and cons - this can really be very useful. However, if you are working in the same organization for years and at the same time, constantly, breed demagoguery about how cool it would be to change it or go into another sphere, but in reality you don’t do anything for it, then you are simply wasting your time. And no matter what stops you: circumstances, fear, unpreparedness, or, again, the thought that any progress will fail. If you do not get anything from thoughts about something, then why waste time on it?

Well, we do not know how about you, but we are thinking to take Amy Morin’s advice and checking whether it will be possible to finally get rid of obsessive thoughts. What do you think about this?