The new era of the spinner - Begleri!

You can flip the beads and roll the string. This occupation requires some dexterity and a beginner can cause difficulties, as with yo-yo. However, regular trainings will turn into a real virtuoso demonstrating impressive combinations. To date, there are many special training applications for iOS and Android with step-by-step instruction.

The basis of the technique is to grip and rotate the elements.

There are several options for Begleri gripping. Most often, the elements are held between the first and second phalanges of the index and middle fingers. Such a grip allows you to increase the length of the span. There are other ways to surprise those around you:

Top Grip: Bead is grasped between the thumb and index finger.

High Grip: Bead is grasped between the index finger and middle finger.

Mid Grip: Bead is grasped between the middle finger and ring finger.

Low Grip: Bead is grasped between the ring finger and pinkie finger.

Bottom Grip: Bead is grasped by the pinkie finger.

Develops fine motor skills and even helps to return the sensitivity of the fingers. Often used in the training process.