Stendhal syndrome or a disease of highly intelligent people

Later, in 1979, the Italian psychiatrist Graziella Magerini in her eponymous book described Stendhal syndrome.

Having studied more than 100 such cases among tourists, she concluded that commonly this disease attacks lonely people with a classical or religious education. Also in the risk group are too impressionable people, with a highly developed and poorly controlled imagination. Interestingly, but Italians, on the contrary, have immunity against this disease, couse they are surrounded by a similar highly cultural atmosphere since their childhood. Also, tourists from Asia and North America rarely suffer from this syndrome, most likely because Florentine art has a relatively remote attitude to their culture and does not lead to an excessive surge of emotions. By the way, despite the rarity of the syndrome, the guards of the Florentine museums are specially trained how to behave with the victims of this bizarre disease, because besides of hysteria, the patient may have an obsession to destroy the picture.