Stendhal syndrome or a disease of highly intelligent people

The disease got its name thanks to the classics of French literature - Stendhal, whom a similar syndrome struck in 1817 during his travel through Florence.

The young writer was so impressed by the cultural heritage of this city that in his book "Naples and Florence: The Journey from Milan to Reggio", he described his condition in this way:

"When I left the Church of the Holy Cross, - Stendhal wrote, - I have a heart beat, it seemed to me, that dried up the source of life, I walked, afraid to fall to the ground ... I saw the masterpieces of art, energy generated by passion, then everything was meaningless, little, limited, like this, when the wind stops passions inflate the sails, that push forward the human soul, then it becomes devoid of passion, and means, vices and virtues ".

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