Stendhal syndrome or a disease of highly intelligent people

Going on a journey, it's unlikely you've ever imagined that it can drive you to madness. Yes, yes, it's hard to believe, but for some people visiting all our favorite and exciting cultural places can lead to the real mental disorders. The thing is that there are a few strange and, at first glance, absolutely incredible mental illnesses that tourists are exposed to.

One of these diseases is Stendhal Syndrome or, as it is often called, a disease of highly educated people. This mental disorder can arise in any cultural place, and its main cause is works of art. It is incredible, but long examination of art objects and historical artifacts, or an attempt to get acquainted with a large number of them in a short time, can lead to the situation where emotions and feelings of admiration begin to overwhelm a person with a such force, that he can just go insane. Other symptoms are severe dizziness, panic attacks, tachycardia, hallucinations, or loss of mind. Some even have a maniacal desire to destroy the picture or artwork. Most often, such a mental disorder, of course, appears in places where a lot of art objects are concentrated - an art gallery, a museum, an ancient temple or a city with a very long history and stunning architecture. Sometimes the reason for such symptoms can be the contemplation of nature, any rare animals or extremely beautiful women.

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