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Scientists have proven that lack of sleep makes us angrier than usual

It turned out that people who believe that a couple of extra hours of sleep can make them happier are absolutely right. Moreover, this fact has a scientific proof. So, according to the latest study, which was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, lack of sleep could be to blame for some increased feelings of anger. That is probably why we become too irritable and have a bad mood all day, if we were unable to have a good sleep.

Thus, scientists from the University of Iowa decided to conduct a study on this issue. Because earlier, the theory that lack of sleep affects our mood and does not allow us to enjoy life was just a guess. The purpose of an experiment was to determine whether the lack of sleep can truly make a person more angry, or that is the anger that existed in a person earlier does not allow him to get good sleep and rest.

During the experiment, the study participants were split into two groups: one maintained their normal sleep routine (approximately 7 hours a day), while the second group was given the task to reduce the amount of sleep to 2-4 hours for several nights. And although many may consider that such a restriction is too extreme. The psychologist and one of the organizers of the study, Zlatan Krizan, explained that this is a typical situation of lack of sleep. Therefore, this amount of sleep was taken as the basis of experiment.

In order to measure how irritated the participants will be and to check what exactly will cause anger and rage, they were sent to the lab immediately after they woke up. There they were invited to listen to several types of different sounds: spraying water, siren, etc. According to the results of the experiment, it was confirmed that everything that happened was much more irritating to those who slept less than expected. Moreover, while those who were in the first group reacted only when the sound was really annoying, the participants from the second group reacted to each of the sounds. That is why scientists have concluded that lack of sleep promotes anger, therefore, they recommend to adhere to your sleep patterns. So, as you can see, good sleep really plays a very important role, what your mood will be, not to mention your well-being and health, in general. And this means, if you feel excessive irritability and causeless bitterness to the whole world, then today you should clearly go to bed early.