Psychological techniques that clearly work

- If, on the whole, you were satisfied with the proposal that the other person made, but you would like to knock out a little more, simply make a slightly disappointed look. For example, this may work when trying to bring down the price or agree on a higher salary.

- When the alarm clock rings, rise and say loudly: “Yes!”. You can even shout. Incredibly, after that you will feel a surge of vitality and it will be much easier to get out of bed.

- If, working in a team, you see that one of its participants is too lazy, try replacing the phrase “do this and that” with “start with this”: so, psychologically, it will seem to him that he need to do less, because usually we start with small assignments. After he does this, tell him: “fine, go on.” Most likely, he will cope well with the task and will do everything, because it will seem to him that it remains to be done quite a bit.

- When preparing for a public speech, stock up on a small bottle of water. So, if suddenly you forget that you had to tell further, you can take a sip of water, to which no one will pay particular attention, and you can remind the text or think up how to replace it.

- In order to express a dissatisfaction with someone or to make a complaint, but at the same time without directly accusing him, just use indirect speech. So, “you have not washed the dishes” turns into “the dishes have not been washed yet” - the meaning remains the same, but the complaint clearly sounded softer.

By the way, if someone is staring at you too much in the subway, start the same way to stare at his shoes. Gaze at it, not looking away, as long as possible. Believe, he will just go crazy! Well, ready to apply these techniques in practice?