Psychological techniques that clearly work

There are a lot of psychological techniques and tricks that help to control and to manipulate people. They are constantly used in NLP, network marketing, catering and many other areas. But after all, they can be used not only in work, but also in everyday life, moreover, knowing them, you can save yourself from these tricks. Therefore, to your attention, the most simple psychological techniques that clearly work.

- Never use the phrase “could you” because he could not. Rather, he could, but only theoretically, so he will not do it. If you really want the other person to do something, use the affirmative wording “please do ...”.

- If you notice that the interlocutor starts to keep something back and evade the conversation, just make pause, but at the same time continue to look intently into his eyes. He will feel uneasy from the silence that has arisen, and he will try to fill this silence with his story, during which he may reveal a little more details or tell the truth if he lied. It is your silence and gaze that will make him feel that you have guessed everything, even if this was not the so initially.

- When you want to build a relationship with someone, ask the person to tell you something or help you some case. After that, he is guaranteed to treat you much better.

- When asking a question, make a nod. So, it is more likely that the answer will be yes. But be careful: such a technique, for example, is often used by catering and restaurant workers so that you order more food or choose a more expensive dish.

- When a person is strongly focused on the performance of some task, reach out and he will give you what he was holding in hands at that time. And, most likely, he will not remember this later. The same principle works and vice versa: you can slip anything to him, he is unlikely to pay attention anyway.

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