Laziness is a sign of high intelligence

Each of us feel lazy from time to time. In one way or another, we were lazy to do something, or go somewhere. But many do not even know that laziness is a sign of high intelligence.

Scientists proved that the intelligent people is less active than the more active segment of the population.

People with high intelligence are more often lost in their thoughts because they get bored faster.

In order not to be bored and not to think - active people stimulate their mind with external actions, so they have to do something all the time.

Scientists from the University of Florida have recruited a group of students for the test.

Respondents evaluated the degree of their agreement with the statements "I am thinking as much as it is needed" or "I like tasks, when I need to seek new solutions to the problem".

After that, groups of "thinking" and "active" people were formed.

During the week students wore a special fitness bracelet that tracked their activity.

Scientists have found that "thinking" students were less active for seven days than their "active" classmates.

But people with an above average IQ should abandon a sedentary lifestyle, since being lazy and smart is not particularly good for health.