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Is a kiss can be considered as a betrayal: men’s opinion vs women’s opinion

What is cheating? The question on which the exact answer will not be resolved even by any psychologist. And the reason is very simple: for every person, the notion of betrayal, like deception or treachery, has its own boundaries. And if for some banal flirting or meaningful glances become an occasion to blame his chosen one for betrayal, for others - only real sexual contact is considered a betrayal. Moreover, according to the results of one of the latest studies, the men and women understand very differently what actually a "betrayal" is. And if, for example, a kiss, the first do not perceive as something serious, then the second - very much do.

Such conclusion was made with the help by one of the BBC Radio 5 live experiments, during which 2066 respondents of different gender and age were interviewed. It turned out that almost 50% of men do not include a kiss to treason. However, as well as virtual sex, they do not consider to be something serious. But women, unlike men, were not so liberal in this matter, considering both a virtual sex (75%), and a kiss (73%) as a betrayal.

Such a difference in perception was commented by James Preece, a psychologist in family relationships, for The Independent. He explained this by the fact that, actually, men and women initially understand “proximity” differently. By their nature, women need more non-sexual factors of attachment between partners, for example, simple holding hands. That is why the very notion of "proximity" for women is much broader, and they give it more importance, unlike men.

On the other hand, according to the expert, if one of the partners does not consider a kiss as a betrayal, this indicates his disrespect for his other half and a neglectful attitude towards these relations, in general.

But as for sex, then both men and women agreed: more than 90% of respondents confirmed that sexual contact with another person is definitely a treason. Although, again, when some nuances regarding the forms of interaction were added, then the boundaries again became very ambiguous. So, for example, the use of applications or dating sites, while being in the status of a serious relationship, was sorted as betrayal only by 40% of the respondents.

In any case, everyone decides for himself what is the norm for him. And if it is normal for you to be in a free relationship, where kissing with another person is quite acceptable, this is exclusively your right. The main thing, according to psychologists, is that it should fit for both of partners.

What about your restrictions? What do you personally treat as a treason? And do you think that a kiss is a sign of a partner's infidelity?