Interesting "why", which at least once occurred to everyone

Insomnia and sheep

Everyone heard an advice that when it is not possible to fall asleep for a long time, you need to start counting sheep. But, in fact, by no means, not the sheep have some kind of magical effect: just during the counting of something, the brain switches from disturbing thoughts and the body falls asleep faster. By the way, sheep are counted in the CIS countries only, while in South America, for example, lamas help to sleep, as well as in India the elephants do it.

“Soap Operas” and soap

This name television series inherited from radio productions of the early twentieth century. Such mini-productions were created specifically for sentimental housewives, and their main feature was that they always ended at the most interesting place, but the sequel could only be found the next day. Seeing that these performances came to taste of the audience, the companies that manufacture soap and laundry detergents began to sponsor them and became the main their's advertisers. Later, the same fate befell television series, and everything alike such productions hitched the name “soap operas”.

Waffles and their cell shape

And yet, have you ever paid attention to the fact that all waffles are always in the cell shape? And even if not, they still necessarily have a cellular pattern? Do you want to know why? In general, the whole secret is that this form helps to keep the soft filler: jams, condensed milk, whipped cream, etc. By the way, it is also more convenient to pour berries and any other stuffing into the cells.

What other cool “why” did you ever have in your head? Have you find the answer to your question?