Interesting "why", which at least once occurred to everyone

Do you know why grannies dye their hair in purple and why surgeons wear green robes? Why trying to fall asleep we are counting sheep, and "soap" opera became "soap"? If at least once in your life any of these questions arose in your head, then we are ready to please you - the answers have finally been found.

Grannies and purple color

In fact, most often they do it not on purpose, and the main thing is just in the structure of the hair and the specifics of dyeing. Usually, to disguise gray hair, older women choose blond, because they are sure that it will help to hide gray hair in the best way. But not fully understanding the varieties of tools for dyeing, they buy not a hair dye, but a hair clarifier. And the basis of any clarifier is purple, which helps to neutralize the yellowness and make hair exactly white, but not dirty yellow. But the nuance is that gray hair is a hair without any pigment at all, and thus, the hair clarifier has nothing to brighten, so it only damages the hair, and these injuries, respectively, are filled with a purple tonic pigment.

Surgeons and green robes

The tradition dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century, when one of the most influential surgeons of the time put on a green robe instead of the traditional white. He explained his action by the beneficial effect of green on the eyes. After all, because of the long work with blood, the surgeons' eyes get very tired, moreover, they cease to perceive the red color. And green color, in turn, as opposed to red, helps to reduce this strain on the eyes and not lose focus. Other surgeons picked up the idea, and since then, have given their preference to green robes.

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