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Behavior changes that can be early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease

Any doctor will tell you that almost all diseases have early symptoms by which you can predict the progress of the disease in early stages. Unfortunately, often we do not know and do not suspect how sad the changes in behavior can be. Sometimes we prefer to ignore them, thinking that these are some temporary disorders. In any case, as they say: forewarned is forearmed. Therefore, we have prepared a small list of features of human behavior that may actually be early signals of Alzheimer's disease.

Difficulties in planning, solving quizzes and working with numbers

It becomes difficult for a person to concentrate, and often difficulties arise in working with numbers and in planning. For example, it becomes difficult to prepare a famous recipe step by step.

Everyday tasks become hard to fulfill

A person may get lost in a familiar city, forget his familiar route or cannot remember how to perform some of his usual routine activities.

The feeling of anxiety increases

Excessive anxiety is not only a sign of possible depression, but also a possible early sign of Alzheimer’s disease. A person becomes too restless, and very often this feeling is unreasonable.

Time and space loss

It becomes difficult for a person to control time or determine his location. They rarely distinguish between half an hour and several hours, but they acutely feel what is happening right now. It also becomes difficult for a person to determine where he is.

Problems with speech and communication begin

One of the signs of Alzheimer's disease is problems with speech. It can be sudden pauses and stops during a conversation. Or he may repeat the same stories as if a person forgot that they already told it.

Things often get lost

People suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are often lose things. Moreover, they can put them in unusual places, but due to the fact that they cannot recall the sequence of actions before that, they can not find this thing. Because of this, they increasingly feel that others steal from them.

Changes in mood and in the nature of their behavior

A person may start acting strange, become too shy, suspicious, fearful, and also get easily frustrated over trifles.

Problems with memory

The most obvious sign of Alzheimer's disease is memory problems. It becomes difficult for a person not only to absorb new information, he also forgets simple things that he knew how to do before: drawing, ability to ride a bicycle, etc.

So, be careful, because very often, having noticed the signs of the disease in time, it can be stopped at the initial stages.