5 Things You're Probably Doing Wrong In The Shower

It may surprise to you, but the rule ‘to taking shower every day’ - harms your skin. The more often you take a shower, the more you strip the skin of its protective barrier. It is responsible for natural moisturizing of skin.

  1. Washing for too long. Like hot water, lengthy bathing dries the skin too much, resulting in rashes and itching. The optimal duration of a shower is about 10 minute
  2. Frequent use of foamy gels and body washes

The more lather there is the more superficially active substances there are in a shower gel. This means it’s depleting your natural protective oil layer, leading to dryness and roughness of skin. In addition, if antibacterial washing agents aren’t specifically prescribed to you, there’s no need to use them daily.

3. To wash all body every times. It is not necessary to constantly wash the whole body with soap, you can pay attention to the most polluted areas of the body: armpits, buttocks, intimate area and feet. Excessive skin dryness can even lead to eczema.

4. Washing your face in the shower. If you're washing your face in the blasting heat of your shower, you might be stripping your face of essential oils. A hot shower can increase the visibility of fragile capillary networks in the cheeks, leading to an unsightly appearance and disruption of the normal skin condition

5. Using old and wet sponges. Wet sponges and loofahs are perfect for bacteria and mold growth, so it’s better to change them once every 4 weeks. It’s also important to dry the sponge after use.