5 rare diseases: disease vs superpowers

The ability to do practically everything

Savant syndrome is an extremely rare condition which can manifest in a person with neurodevelopmental disorders, for example, such as autism, Down syndrome or Asperger syndrome. Such a person extremely talented in music, painting, cartography, calculations, constructing 3D models, etc. Savants can not only instantly say the result of multiplications of 3-digit numbers, but also name the day of the week of July 7, 3012. Although many people consider that savants are geniuses, we should not forget that these people can show inferiority: they are mentally and physically retarded, to the extent that they often cannot even serve themselves.

Insensitivity to cold

It turns out that there are not only people who do not feel pain, but also those who do not feel cold. So, the Dutchman Wim Hof, seriously puzzled doctors with his abilities: he spent 120 minutes in a pipe with ice-cold water, climbed Mont Blanc dressed in shorts and could easily swam under the ice of frozen reservoirs. Experts consider him to be a phenomenon, but he himself says that his cold resistance is just the result of training.

Absence of fear

Rare genetic Urbach-Wiethe disease, in ordinary words, the complete absence of fear, concludes our list. Today there are only about 300 cases are known, and a quarter of them occurred in South Africa. Neither venomous snakes and spiders, nor horror films, nor the trip to the “haunted house” can frighten these people. On the other hand, they even do not get scared by a knife attack, a case of home violence or other life-threatening incidents. But this complete lack of ability to assess the danger may deprive a sick person of life one day.

Well, what do you think? Are such diseases a gift or a curse? Is it disease or superpowers?