5 rare diseases: disease vs superpowers

What associations do you have with the word "disease"? Definitely nothing good: pain, danger, death ... But have you ever heard of diseases, the main symptoms of which are super memory or absence of fear, for example? You will agree that it is more like superpowers, rather than ailment. We found at least 5 rare diseases, the symptoms of which cause a very mixed reaction and make scientists think a lot.

Super memory

The official name of this disease is hyperthymesia. It is a disturbance of memory where a person remembers literally everything, and down to the smallest detail. He can recite passages from books he read even 10 years ago, retell any newscasts of any year, and can give a detailed description of any day from his life. The flip side of the coin is that such people remember everything without distortion, and therefore cannot brighten up or forget some facts. What is especially difficult when it comes to something negative. They really remember everything! Moreover, patients complain of frequent headaches, bouts of insomnia, they getting tired quickly and, obviously, do not consider their illness a “gift” - quite the opposite. As of today, there are only 60 people in the world with such a diagnosis.

Insensitivity to pain

Analgesia is a congenital insensitivity to pain. Is not it a superpower, if to consider that this syndrome does not cause any impairment of mental activity or deformities in appearance? But, in fact, there are also some negative consequences: for example, a person will not feel a diseased organ, or might get hurt, burn himself, break a bone, but will not even notice it. It is especially dangerous in the case of little children. By the way, one striking fact is that despite the rareness of this disease, about 40 cases have been stated in one village in Sweden.

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