TOP of the best holiday destinations according to

Choose your trip itinerary depending on the month of visit.

January - Stockholm, Sweden

In January, Stockholm pleases low prices for accommodation - discounts up to 41% compared with the most expensive month. You can enjoy the good weather in the form of soft snow, visit many museums (in January - free admission) and be sure to try the local dessert - a cinnamon roll or cardamom.

February - New York, USA

February is not the warmest month for walking around New York, but nevertheless, well dressed, you can catch the celebration of Valentine's Day and the Chinese New Year in Chinatown. At the beginning of the month, the city hosts Restaurant Week, where restaurants offer a discount on the entire set menu.

March - Lisbon, Portugal

The weather is still not hot, but it is acceptably warm. Therefore, you can visit the fortress of Torri di Belen and other major attractions.

April - Istanbul, Turkey

Rains in Istanbul in April are frequent, so it's best to take along clothes for all occasions. The tulip festival is in full swing. This is an incredible sight! Another must ride on the boat on the Bosphorus - Istanbul is very beautiful in the color of the trees at sunset.