Festive makeup in 5 minutes

Still thinking about nude makeup: time to collect all the looks! Do you want to party? Get inspired by the universal light of distant stars. We are canceling all rules! Overshoot with the glitter in the New Year just impossible. Eloquent eyes, voluminous eyelashes - such a makeup can be applied by any girl, and in just a few minutes.

Like a Christmas tree

The New Year's atmosphere can not only be felt, but also seen. When everything around is decorated with toys, lantern lights and garlands, it is simply impossible to exaggerate with makeup and sequins. Use this time for the full program and get everything that can sparkle, shine and rejoice from your cosmetic bag. Ever been scared to try metallic eye shadows? It's their time!

Sparks in the eyes

Try starting from the base: primer, foundation, concealer. For a brighter look, we use durable pencil shadows. Even a beginner can handle this product: apply it easily, shake it even easier, it does not crumble and retains its bright color throughout the day. Limited winter eye shades are multifunctional and are suitable for everyone, regardless of eye color and skin tone.

Apply golden eye shadows to the rolling eyelid. Add a touch of champagne to the eyelid to highlight the contours of the eyelid and soften the bright gold. Spread the indigo color along the center of the fold, decorate the outer corner and emphasize the lower eyelid. Spread over with a clean brush or just a finger. Our task is to create a transition between colors in a smooth way, and the image of the shadows is the same in both eyes. When done, sprinkle more gold into the inner corners of the eyes. Bomb!

Eyelashes to the sky

Change your daily mascara to The ONE Wonder Lash XXL Black Star with a powerful black color with reflective particles. A great New Year's alternative to your regular 5-in-1 mascara, which will perfectly complement the glossy makeup. Want more emotions? Draw a thin arrow to make the eye shape clear.

To the tips of the nails

A brilliant manicure will give your image maximum celebration. In the ONE series of fast-drying varnishes The ONE just appeared winter shimmer shades that will look good with any of your outfits. For dances, choose amethyst or wine color, in the institution - a regal red with a New Year shine, and for easy conversation with friends take calm colors - pink or gray.

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