False values that society imposes on us

The world is rapidly moving forward, we are getting more and more information every day. Large corporations are trying to sell us more and more "new products" by releasing them almost every quarter. Humanity is mired in social networks and news feeds. Let's look at some of the values that modern society imposes on us. Do you agree with such statements?

1. New Iphone, expensive car and housing in a prestigious area.

According to many, these are the main component indicators of a successful person. It is clear that every person wants a good, comfortable life. Modern society is actively promoting life for the sake of pleasure, which should be obtained mainly from consumption: the purchase of new gadgets, fashionable perfumes, or other not very necessary attributes. We are being imposed a “here and now” model. After all, it does not matter that after you buy the latest iPhone, you will have to save on everything you can, and that an expensive car will mostly sit in the garage, because its owner does not have enough money to maintain it.

2. There is no life without social networks.

The more beautiful pictures you have on social networks, the more successful and just better your life looks. At least, people who have not rested abroad this summer or do not have enough money for an expensive restaurant will think so. Psychologists have an opinion on this matter: they believe that people who love to brag about their lives have developing narcissistic features, while visitors to their accounts may start to suffer from envy and even become depressed.

3. Imitation of celebrity models and materialism.

Many try to imitate TV stars and businessmen who have money to support every whim that is an imitation of the lifestyle of other social groups. To a greater extent, the problem lies in the fact that subconsciously a person will consider himself below any diva from the cover of a magazine, and will build a huge inferiority complex as he grows up.

4. Be a good mom.

After watching glamor magazines and TV programs, many mothers use the motto “if you are not tired, then you are a bad mother. Everything must be done in moderation, not forgetting the time for himself. No wonder there is a saying “Happy mother - happy children”.

5. How to earn 1000 000.

Now it has become fashionable to attend trainings on how to quickly earn 1 million. Because of the desire of society for quick success, people will never become professionals in their business. They move from one job to another, hoping that somewhere they will finally be honored and earn huge money without much experience.

6. Where did you rest this year?

How embarrassing to say that you didn't go anywhere. Or that you spent your holidays in Italy for the fifth time in a row. Or that you again ordered an all-inclusive package in a Turkish hotel and rolled back from the beach to a buffet for 2 weeks. In social networks you can meet unrealistic rivalry on published photos from different places.