Drawing lesson: human body. The difference between female and male figures

Often beginning artists face the problem of drawing a human figure. The female figure is similar to the male, and the male to the female. So that there are no such problems, you need to understand how the male figure differs from the female one. In this lesson you will learn the main differences between the male and female bodies.


A woman's face is distinguished by its round, smooth forms and a small neat chin. Female eyebrows have a clearer shape and a bend, high up from the eyes. This makes the face more expressive. The eyes have smooth lines, and the outer corners of the eyes are raised. The nose is small with a thin back. Lips plump with clear forms. The male face has a sharper, rectangular shape with a massive or pronounced chin. In men, large eyebrows, which are closer to the eyes. The eyes are less round with simpler forms. The outer corners of the eyes are practically at the level of the inner corners of the eye. The nose is bigger and the shape is rougher. The ears are bigger and the upper lip is less plump.


The shoulders and neck are very different in men and women. The male neck is shorter than the female, and the shoulders are much larger and wider. In men, a trapezoid muscle forms a bulge. The female neck has smooth lines and is rather long, the shoulders are small and the transition from shoulders to neck is smooth.