Digital drawing guide: character creation lesson. Volume, shadow, light, detail

This step by step tutorial digital painting will be useful both for beginners and artists with experience. In the lesson, we will reveal the main points of creating a picture, which will further facilitate and improve your work with the creation of a picture.

We will look at the brush settings for this drawing. Basics of lighting and tips that are needed to create a character. Step by step we work through the drawing from sketch to texture mapping and detailing.


Most often used in the work of 2 main brushes. The first is a hard circle of 10 pixels in size, as a pencil for sketching and detailing. To create a pencil brush, adjust the jitter size, jitter opacity and jitter flow to the Pen pressure in the brush options. An example below.

The second brush is mixing. (example above). Also hard round brush. For jitter stream is set to "pen pressure", and the jitter opacity offline.

You can customize the blending brush as you like, for this you will see the Opacity and Flow options in the options menu in the upper menu bar. set Flow to 10% or less. An example of setting the brush at 5% consumption. An example below.

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