Common problems of emerging artists

Many beginners are faced with the same problems in the creation of volume and light. The image is flat or too much contrast. Let's look at these problems and their solutions.

Problem: too much contrast.

Often, when beginning artists draw in grayscale, they use black for shadows, white for light, and gray for midtones. This results in a faded image.

Solution: Do not use pure white or black in your drawing. Better use dark and light shades of gray. For example: look at how the lighter shades of the shadow in image B differ from black in image A.

Even when drawing objects in black or white - do not use pure white or black. It is better to use darker and lighter shades of the main color of the subject to obtain the illusion of black and white. Thus, you will not have a sharp contrast, which spoils the natural image. The example above is the black ball and the white ball. They were created without pure black and white.