Sweets with a glass taste: incredible desserts made of glass and porcelain

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Публикация от Shayna Leib (@shayna_leib)

Many girls strain after a slim and trim figure. To achieve the desired result, they exhaust themselves at gyms, keep diets and refuse eating sweets.

But someone does not eat delicacies, not because they watch the figure, but because it is contraindicated for medical reasons.

Sheina Leib is an artist from the USA. It is contraindicated to eat sweets, so she decided to create desserts using porcelain and glass. Using these materials, she creates incredible and unique works of art.

The first time Shane saw the glassblowing when she was only seven years old. This episode changed her life.

One of her latest projects was called "Confectionery." This project embodies all the seductiveness and beauty of desserts and, at the same time, their inaccessibility.

She admitted that she started making glass sweets for therapeutic purposes, in order to learn how to treat desserts as a form, and not as food.

To make glass desserts as realistic as possible, the artist uses various techniques, when creates them. The result you can see on the next pages.