Non-trivial questions to ask on a first date

When you are going on a first date, you surely imagine various scenarios of it in your head, mentally thinking over the conversation and preparing questions for your chosen one. And, often, the purpose of these questions is not only to get to know your future partner better, but also to expose him about his intentions regarding your person. We thought it over and decided that it would be boring to share with you a list of trivial questions, and therefore we collected some very unusual ones. Moreover, these questions are based on the experience and recommendations of family psychologists and divorce lawyers, because it seems to us that they exactly know how to identify alarming signals immediately.


Do you make your bed in the morning?

According to family psychologist Danielle Kepler, such question helps to understand what is more important for a person: tidiness or time saving. And also what kind of lifestyle he prefers: more measured or fussy. And, in the course of a conversation on this topic, you can learn his biorhythms (he is a late or early bird), and how his morning is usually going.

When choosing something, do you usually read reviews or rely on your intuition?

This question helps to reveal what type of person he is: sensing or intuitive. And, therefore, it helps to understand if you belong to the same or different personality types. And you, of course, may not attach great importance to such nuances. But if you, for example, are used to do and buy things at random, but your partner is used to monitor all kinds of comments and reviews for hours, just think about: most likely it may annoy you or, conversely, you would like to dilute your spontaneity with the presence of such a rational.

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