Feelings under the skin: tattoo ideas for couples

To prove a special treatment to each other, couples in love recourse to different methods. Generally, they buy similar things, exchange pair bracelets, rings and medallions. But all these things are not eternal: jewelry can get lost, and the thing can deteriorate.

And what if both lovers want to do something that will remain forever? In such a case, small tattoos for couples is a great option. Such a bold step is a way to express your sincere feelings and declare to the whole world about your love.

What are the best places to get such tattoos on your body?

Of course, you can get tattoo on any part of the body. We just offer a list of the most popular of them:

- ankle;

- neck;

- fingers;

- forearms and shoulders;

- wrist.

But you may fantasize and choose a completely unexpected place on the body.

Before going to the tattoo parlor, the couple need to get serious about the choice of sketch for tattoo. There are a lot of variations of such sketches. To facilitate the choice, we suggest you to take a look at a collection of inspiring small tattoos for couples in love.

Similar tattoos

This option is universal for a couple in love. Even if your soul mate is far away, such tattoo will look like an independent and finished plot. And when the lovers are next to each other, the figure may symbolize a mutual sympathy and feelings for each other.

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