Creative crisis or looking for inspiration: tips for artists

The phenomenon of a creative crisis is familiar to many artists. Lack of inspiration, new thoughts and ideas, mental stupor, confusion, devastation and the inability to objectively evaluate the results of your work - these are signs of creative stagnation.

But this all can and must be fought. We offer you some ideas for inspiration.

Get out more often

Many artists so plunge into a working routine that they forget about the outside world.

Take your sketching or drawing and go for a walk through park, narrow streets of the city or picturesque places. Such walks can inspire you for new ideas.

Choose a new size for your artworks

A good method to awaken a creative is to step outside your comfort zone.

Enough to change the format of your work, the size of the paper or canvas and see what happens.

Make yourself a present

Treat yourself to a supply you normally wouldn’t purchase: expensive brushes of appropriate quality, new good paints or canvases.

Try to find sources of creative inspiration

Take the time to do things that fuel your creativity and help ignite creativity.

It can be traveling, a weekend in another city, meeting with friends or communication with other artists.

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