6 signs that your best friend is in love with you

With your best friend, you can be who you really are, real friends will not judge, support you in difficult times and be able to share joyful moments. But is there a friendship between a woman and a man? How to recognize a real attitude towards yourself, if your friend is a girl. Read the signs below.

1. A loving girl will never praise you in front of another girl. Thus reduces the chances of rivalry.

2. If your best friend never approves of your love, there is a big chance that she silently likes you.

3. Another sign of sincere sympathy that a girl can show is her willingness to try everything that you like to do, even if she doesn't like it very much.

4. A girl in love with you will not think about any other guy. Therefore, if all of her dates and potential matches end with the statement “it didn’t work,” she deep down wants her to only work with you.

5. If your best friend takes you to walk almost everywhere, there is a high probability that she sees in you more than just a friend.

6. If your best friend always wants to know which girls you like.