2020 - leap year or not

What you can’t do in a leap year 2020 to avoid misfortune

What is a leap year

The coming 2020 will be a leap year. This means that it has as many as 366 days, and not 365, as in ordinary years. And this extra day in the last winter month, like February 29th. This extra day was invented to synchronize with the astronomical year, which in fact, to be precise, has 365 days and 6 hours. This six-hour "tail" for every four years and turns into a full day.

Leap year: signs and superstitions

At the same time, thanks to these extra days, a leap year over a long history has managed to acquire numerous prejudices, superstitions, prohibitions and fears. According to popular belief, a leap year is considered the most difficult, unhappy and dangerous in a 4-year cycle. And Kasyanov's day, February 29, so named after the evil saint, generally has a bad name and is considered one of the most unfortunate, dangerous and demonic days.

Can I give birth in a leap year 2020?

It is believed that pregnant women in a leap year should not cut hair before birth, so that she does not have a sick child. But this omen in everyday life also exists in a normal non-leap year.

The most unfortunate day for the birth of a child is often called February 29th. It is understandable: not only is the one who is born on such an unlucky day predicted the same difficult fate, he can only celebrate his birthday only once every four years! On the other hand, Kasyanov’s day is rare, mysterious and “disappearing”, because it appears only once every four years. And therefore, a person born on February 29 is rightfully considered to be chosen, extraordinary, and possessing some kind of gift.

If a child is born in 2020, he should be baptized as soon as possible in order to protect against the negative effects of a leap year. At the same time, knowledgeable people are advised to take blood relatives as godparents.

What can never be done in a leap year 2020?

In a leap year, you should not make any serious undertakings. It is believed that they will be futile and useless. For example, building a house, making large purchases and investing is best postponed until next year.

Also, do not get involved in serious changes in business, work, study, change of residence and even your own image.

Special prohibitions concern changes in personal life: it is extremely undesirable to marry, get divorced and change your life partner.