Popular tattoo styles guide


On closer examination, abstraction can reveal some traits even in those cases when a sacred code was not originally laid in the pattern. According to the laws of the genre, aesthetic preferences are practically unlimited, sketches are subject to arbitrary geometric and color reconstructions that best contribute to self-expression.


Baroque challenges all rigorous tattoo styles, such as classicism or tribal, and calls for freedom and retreat from the canons. It is dominated by the luxurious expression of details and the mass of decorative elements. "The combination of the incompatible" - this is how you can briefly describe this style.


This is a creative tattoo style closely related to biomechanics, but instead of mechanical elements it contains abstract elements close to natural, animals and various drawings. This art form began its development in the last quarter of the twentieth century, immediately following the style of biomechanics.


Drawing on the body of various patterns and symbols refers to one of the pagan customs that have come down to modern times. And therefore, people in this style are increasingly interested in tattoos.

Maya and Aztecs

Modern tattoos in the style of the Aztecs are depicted mainly in black and white colors, are large, fit well on the chest, back or stomach. These tattoos were small in size and could be applied on the arm. Unlike the Aztec tribe, the Mayan tribe was very militant, so the Mayan tattoo has more bloody scenes and is performed mostly in color.

As we promised, a selection of tattoos applied to different parts of the body. We hope she will inspire you and help you decide on the place of application of the tattoo.

Tattoo on the back

Tattoo on the ribs

Tattoo sleeve

Tattoo on the forearm

Tattoo on hands

Tattoo on hips

Tattoo on the legs

Tattoo on ankle