Popular tattoo styles guide


Blackwork style involves applying black paint over large areas of the body. A regular tattoo made in black does not have the right to be called Blackwork, but applying, for example, a black square on the body is undoubtedly Blackwork style.


Ornamental is a Polynesian style that has survived several generations, but has survived almost unchanged.


More recently, the style of tattoos called Ethnics has become very popular. This style is distinguished by its volume and variety of patterns.

Sketch style

If the vast majority of people associate a tattoo with something very bright, voluminous and clear, the Sketch tattoo tattoo style completely refutes these concepts.


If you are a romantic, expressive nature, you feel a rush of romantic and something unusual, then a watercolor-style tattoo will suit you.


Determining Graphics from other styles is quite simple. Its main difference is the technique of drawing, namely, the application of shadows should be done with dashes.

Black and white

Classic black and white tattoos are still a kind of benchmark tattoo. Tattoos, made in black and white style are suitable for both men and girls.


Japanese-style tattoos - based on Oriental motifs - this is the realm of painted dragons and koi fish, warriors and geishas. The style image of a variety of dragons is similar to the statue.

Hand poke

A small picture that is not colorful, very simple, often stupid or indecent content - this is a typical example of the Handpoke tattoo style.


Literally, lettering is the direction of an artistic tattoo in which a word, phrase or text is typed using different fonts.


Geometric style in the art of tattoo originated not so long ago. At first glance, they look like a simple set of shapes: a circle, a square, a triangle, a rectangle, etc.


Celtic style in the art of tattooing is chosen by lovers to decorate their body with unusual patterns. Such tattoos not only look spectacular in appearance, but also are filled with deep meaning.


The main theme of the tattoo in the style of steampunk - man as a biomechanism. On the arm, chest and other parts of the body are depicted the elements of some perfect mechanism. It was as if it was hidden inside the body, and now it has become apparent due to partial removal of the skin and muscle breaks.


Maori tattoos are named after the settlement where they originated. According to their traditions, the Maori tattoo demonstrates the status of the owner in the tribe, the characteristics of the character, his courage and connection with local deities.


Tattoos Haida style originate from the same tribe of Indians, in which the wearable paintings were of great importance. At the moment, the number of people is not large, but the traditions still remain unchanged. Only now their patterns are not only an ethnic feature of the tribe, but also a popular tattoo style all over the world.

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