Popular tattoo styles guide

The tattoo art is developing rapidly and with each year the tattoo styles become more and more. In this article we will talk about the styles of tattoos and their features. For clarity, at the end of the article you will find a collection with tattoos applied on different parts of the body.


For the Engraving tattoo style, all the main features of its progenitor are characteristic. Black paint, clear contour, neat lines, hatching, in general, the impression is as if we are seeing a printed pattern.


Bioorganic is an extremely curious and peculiar tattoo style, it can be called a substyle of Biomechanics, but in a good way it is an absolutely independent type of tattoo.


Minimalism is a laconic style that takes its simplicity and elegance of composition. The features of the style include geometric shapes, a minimum of colors, small scales. From the main themes can be noted - various symbols, animals, flowers, illustrations from books.


The main feature of the style of linework is the presence in the tattoo of straight lines that add up to a certain pattern.


It is believed that this style is rooted in the traditional style, thanks to clear, pronounced contours and saturation of the drawings.Clear edges of the image - its distinctive feature, and the use of black pigment or color is not limited. This style allows you to implement on the body of any fabulous idea, which makes it one of the most beautiful styles of tattoos.


Many believe that realistic tattoos have appeared quite recently, but this is far from the case. As early as the middle of the nineteenth century, people began to portray on themselves portraits of Napoleon and Bismarck. Today, tattoo style realism has not lost its relevance.


Oriental theme is a mysterious oriental culture. Variety of famous oriental dragons and koi fish. A wide selection of geisha of various kinds and, of course, famous warriors. It is impossible not to use the beauty of the eastern flora and organic fauna in this style.


This unusual and original art originated in the forties of the 20th century in the USA. But it was popular only among representatives of the underworld.


Tattoo style Biomechanics is an organic interweaving of images of mechanical parts with the skin. A typical biomechanical design is a torn part, as if protruding from the body.

Old school

Old School, translated from English, “old school” is a popular style of tattoos that existed in Europe and America. This style appeared in the XIX century, when usually on the body depicted drawings of anchors, ribbons, skulls and angels.


This is a plain, usually black or gray, geometric pattern. The Tribal tattoo style has its origin in sketches of Oceania and the Mayan civilization, from the tribes of Africa. It was a symbol of the connection of the soul with the body.


In the style of tattoo Dotwork do very complex drawings, most often geometric shapes. Color density, contrast and intensity are created using dots. By the density of their placement depends on the color of the tattoo.


Few people know that tattoo art first appeared in Polynesia. Perhaps that is why modern tattoos in the style of Polynesia are among the most beautiful and rich.

New school

New tattoo school - pretty new style. This direction began to develop around the mid-80s, simultaneously with the rave movement and widely spread throughout the world.


Despite the really widespread application to the body of various butterflies, hearts, ribbons and anchors, the traditional style has its own rich history and its secret meaning.

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