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Beauty is primarily health. OK BEAUTY products take care of the health of the skin and hair, combining effective care and instant transfiguration. Our team has developed essential products to make you feel naturally beautiful this summer. These are basic products for face, body and hair care:O.K. Beauty moisturizing balm is a unique lip care product with volume effect. It works perfect both as a stand-alone tool and serves as an excellent base for applying makeup.

OK BEAUTY Smooth & Care Oil Body Scrub with sea salt, rose petals and botanical oils is essential for smooth, pretty and radiant skin. Adriatic Sea salt provides an antiseptic effect and helps to delicately exfoliate your skin, removes its imperfections and prevents their reappearance. Squalene and Shea butter have outstanding healing and restoring properties. Almond oil, having a calming effect, helps to remove irritation and skin redness, making it smooth and silky. Regular use of the product may help to eliminate stretch marks and bring remarkable elasticity to your skin.

O.K. Beauty shimmering body lotion is the perfect care tool for your skin. It is created on the basis of a complex of the richest oils. It has a light texture and allows your skin to ‘shine from the inside’. Shimmering microparticles that make up the composition of the lotion create a wet flickering effect. It is quickly absorbed without soiling your clothes and creates a camouflaging, reflective effect, helping to hide skin imperfections

OK Beauty face oil primer is a universal remedy for daily nutrition of your skin. The oil is quickly absorbed, making the skin hydrated and radiant. It is perfect as a makeup base.

- Quickly absorbed, has a pronounced moisturizing effect

- Figth with inflammations, irritations, and degydration

- Restores hydro-lipid balance and skins barrier functions, making it smoth and radiant

- Perfectly aligns the skin's relief before applying a powder or foundation

- Prolongs makeup's resistance and Photoshop effect.

Repair & recovery hair mask for dry damaged hair. Perfect solution for damaged, dull and unmanageable hair. Keratin and herbal extracts-rich formula moves through the hair structure, intensively restoring and filling it. Regular use of the OK Beauty Repair & Recovery intensive hair concentrate regains the density and volume of hair.

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