Fashionable manicure design for short nails

It is a mistaken opinion that a beautiful manicure can be applied only on long nails. This year the short length of nails will be especially relevant, which will please many girls. Moreover, such a manicure is especially comfortable for everyday life and allows you to realize almost any idea. We have collected a selection of design ideas for a spectacular manicure.

French manicure

French manicure is suitable for nails of any shape and length. It looks very tender and also men like it most.

Manicure crescent

An elegant option for short nails. It first appeared in the 1930s and is still quite popular.

French and crescent

Two in one - French and crescent manicure together. It is important that the lines at the bottom and the tip of the nail are parallel.

Striped manicure

Vertical stripes visually make nails longer.

Spots and points

Spots look cute on any nails, but it’s better to apply small dots. Otherwise, the nails may look shorter than they are.