What to wear on New Year's Eve 2019?


If the previous version is too much for you, but you want to be bright - a calmer metallic could become an excellent replacement. Plus, such an outfit will look appropriate in everyday life, and therefore it will not have to be hidden far away in the wardrobe for “special occasion”. By the way, choosing your own version of the metallized texture, this season you should give preference to silver or copper, rather than gold. But, if instead of classic gold, to choose rose gold as an option, then you will not only please the future patroness of the year, but also you will be definitely not disappointed in your choice, because this shade is suitable for everyone without exception.


And now it’s not about the color or shade of festive attire, but about itself. Just a few years ago, a pantsuit was considered an attribute of exclusively business style. But these years fashion has become very diverse, and the pantsuit still managed to deprive the dress of the title of the only suitable outfit for public events. That is why, on New Year's Eve, you can wear a pantsuit, adding a linen top and chic accessories to make your look truly unbeatable.

In conclusion, we will remind that a pig is still an earthen animal, though not against luxury. And therefore any outfit of yellow, green, mustard, brown, terracotta and gray, will be more than appropriate. The only thing that in this case to make your image more vivid, you should complement it with exquisite accessories and stylish stuff.