What to wear on New Year's Eve 2019?

The less time is left before the New Year, the more all the fashionable women in the world are wondering, what to wear on New Year's Eve? And the question here is not only to celebrate the holiday in new clothes, or to please the fashion ... You need to please, but only the patroness of the next year - the Yellow Earth Pig.

At least in the East there is a belief that, if you please the totem animal of the coming year, it will give you various benefits. For example, the Pig promises to provide us with material means for the whole year and to do everything that her wards live in abundance. So, if you want the next year to bring wealth to your home, you should prepare well. And in order to help you with this, we have collected the TOP of the most relevant trends of this winter and recommendations, what outfit is worth to be dressed for the New Year celebration.


If for everyday life, dresses with sequins are considered kitsch or something too fanciful, then for a New Year party such an outfit is just what you need. And don't deny yourself anything! Especially when it comes to celebrating the New Year! Interestingly, the outfits in sequins remain afloat, even if the fashion for them supposedly has passed. But this year, they are actually at the peak of popularity. So, if you want to be the queen of the evening, feel free to wear a dress fully embroidered with sequins. And to make the image more original, you should think about the top or jacket from sequins.

Duochrome shine

Another trend that has come back to us from the distant 80s since the days of disco. This year, outfits and cosmetics that shimmer in two colors literally conquered fashionistas around the world and are still valid for the New Year. By the way, a holography that is shimmering with all colors will also look very cool.

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