Unusual ways of the face care from Korean beauties

South Korea, definitely, can be called a country where the beauty industry has leaped forward in comparison with other countries. Being in constant search for effective anti-aging remedies, Korean women love to experience all the beauty trends. Often, looking at a Korean woman, it is quite difficult to guess her age. Also, there is a completely normal situation here, when grandmother, mother and granddaughter, what means the representatives of three generations, look almost the same age. It seems that some women in this country managed to slow down the passage of time in some magical way. However, many methods that the Korean beauties are ready to experience cause quite a mixed reaction among beauties from Europe. And sometimes, even shock European. We found a couple of such weird ways to care about the skin. Are you ready to learn the Korean secrets of youth and beauty?

Horse fat, instead of face cream

Perhaps the most popular remedy in Korea. Local scientists claim that horse fat is very similar in its structure to human and is an excellent substitute for face cream. Korean girls confirm that fat perfectly smoothes wrinkles and supports healthy skin. Moreover, its regular usage helps to get rid of small scars.

Bee venom in the fight against skin diseases

Since time immemorial poisons have been used in oriental medicine. It was believed that a small amount of poison can cure almost any disease. Today, Korean experts from the beauty industry decided to use advantages of the ancient secrets and add a little bee venom to skin care products. As many Korean women note, these products cope well with many skin diseases and help maintain healthy skin.

Cheese cream as anti-aging agent

Another very original means of care for the face, which is being created from the very real cheese. The main advantages of cheese cream are its nourishing, moisturizing and rejuvenating effects, and the only drawback is that, due to its specific consistency, it is difficult to evenly apply it to the skin.

Golden mask - natural face care product

Koreans always prefer natural cosmetics. And therefore the gold 24-carat mask relished Korean beauties. But, it turned out that it is not suitable for everyone. Moreover, this is not only due to its high cost (the price of such a mask is usually about 3 thousand dollars), but also because of some side effects that it can provoke.

Bloody mask - the source of youth

You probably have heard lots of times about the vampires and witches, who preserve their youth and longevity with the help of blood. Interestingly, Korean cosmetologists support this theory and recommend using a bloody mask at night. According to them, this special mask contains dragon's blood. The only question is: where and how do they extract it?

And at last, in addition to all the above, Korean women simply adore plastic surgery. Here, the girls dream of plastic face surgery, almost from the cradle, and they start to save money for this, since their teenager age. Moreover, one of the coolest gifts from parents to their offspring's age of majority is precisely plastic surgery.

And how do you like such skin care methods? Would you like to experience something like this on yourself?