Unusual recent beauty trends

When all the usual ways to do makeup and make yourself beautiful became bored and you want fresh sensations, you start to search the most diverse beauty hacks from the network, which are warmly shared by bloggers. So it became interesting to us what new have the life hackers recently invented and what unusual trends that have appeared in the beauty industry with their help.

Red lipstick instead of corrector

Earlier, in order to hide bruises under the eyes the beauty life hackers advised to use multicolored correctors. But one day, someone, either not finding the needed shade of corrector at hand, or simply deciding to simplify the task even more, smeared the bruises under her eyes with red lipstick. And it worked! With the help of red, you can perfectly neutralize blue, and accordingly, hide the effects of lack of sleep. Thus, you should first apply a primer, and then red lipstick. Having shaded it, cover all this with a tone corrector that is lighter than the skin and apply a little powder. Voila! The bruises under your eyes as never have been!


Another brand new trend in the world of beauty. The essence of chroming is to use lipstick instead of usual contouring methods. Not red this time, but light and, preferably, shimmering. Due to the fact that this lipstick is shining, it, in fact, creates the desired effect of fresh and radiant skin.

Glossy lips

Do you want your lips riveting the eyes of everyone around you? Then the new trend in lip makeup, “Oil slick lips”, is for you. And in order to achieve a cool effect, you only need to mix on the lips various shades of liquid lipstick or shimmering lip gloss. Some also use shadows. It all depends on your imagination and what kind of shade or a mixture of them you want to get.

“Shattered glass” manicure

Well, for lovers of the original manicure, this new trend will definitely appeal to. Manicure "Shattered glass" recently appeared on the Internet and has already managed to find a lot of fans around the world. The main feature is that the nails look as if they are covered with small pieces of broken glass. A holographic foil will help to achieve such effect: it must be cut into small pieces and attach them to the nail polish, fasten it with a top polish.

Sequins are what never too much!

And finally, glitter. The theme of glitter is becoming increasingly popular. Glitter is very actively used in makeup. Moreover, if earlier preference was given to a light shine, now, the more sparkles, the better. Moreover, glitter has reached to the hair. In general, the two most sensational trends, where the glitter is used in an unusual way are, #glitterfreckles and #glitterroots. In the first variant, the glitter is glued to the face, creating the effect of freckles, and in the second - sequins are applied to the hair roots! Well, both options look very original.

And what new beauty trends do you like? Have you ever tried something unusual too?