Posts in social networks, indicating problems with self-esteem

Posts of what you eat

People who post their food, we have news for you: everyone eats! And yes, you may not believe it - even cook themselves! And often someone's homemade cake, which left, poor fellow, without likes, because it was eaten faster than the hostess realized to make a photo session for it for an eternal memory, at times much more tastier than your cheap cake the day before yesterday, sorry Cupcake, which you have bought in a coffee shop around the corner . Yes, even if it was decorated with rhinestones, berries and flowers, you should anyway think is it worth to take a 181 place in your “Honor gallery”.

Photo of a purchase, especially branded items

Everyone likes to go shopping, especially the beautiful half of humanity. But, do you really think that every thing you bought, even if it is branded, deserves a whole separate post to be “the top of discussion in the whole world”?

Constant stories about how you feel

British scientists have already confirmed that people who are constantly describing in the smallest details all their emotions and experiences in social networks, in fact, unconsciously, show that they don’t have enough of these emotions in real life.

In general, of course, if to think over, then if to take away all these posts, about 80% of users will have nothing to post in their profile. In fact, it is not so. After all, it is not about never posting a fancy cake made by your own, or by all means keeping up to the last, but not posting a magnificent sunset on the ocean coast, but about users finally should learn to moderate and filter the stream of their “unique” content, which, instead of proving your success, only screams to the whole world: “people, pay attention to me!”. Truly, take pity on your subscribers - do you really believe that it is interesting to them every day to know what time and what you ate? And how did it affect your mood?