Posts in social networks, indicating problems with self-esteem

Social networks have long become an integral part of our lives: people not only actively keep their profiles, posting photos from holidays, but also share and discuss there various topics that worry them. Moreover, many already use social networks and for business.

But did you ever ask yourself a question, does your social network page transmit to the world that things, which would you really want? And it's not just that there may be friends who did not like your post. Today, any professional HR specialist or headhunter, literally looking at your profile, in a couple of minutes can determine what kind of person you are, what interests you have, what needs and even your level of self-esteem. Therefore, we decided to share with you what types of posts indicate problems with self-esteem of the one who publishes them.

Photos from the gym

For some reason, many people consider it their duty to the fatherland to make a post from the gym, believing that this is how everyone will appreciate his/her over-effort in working on their body. In reality, experts say that a person who constantly posts his attendance to the gym is just trying to prove something to someone, but this has nothing to do with real work on his body. By the way, those who really come to work out, rarely do such selfies in the gym.

Geolocation mark

Most people who mark any of their movements in social networks are sure that in this way they demonstrate to the world their success: how active they are, what a wonderful and rich life they have, every day a hike or a trip to new places! The only problem is that a really successful person, who has everything in order with self-esteem and attitude, don’t care about it and it’s the last thing he considers necessary to do is to announce his every move.

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