How to get flawless skin: 10 tips from celebrity cosmetologist

Harold Lancer - the name which is known to all the beauties of Hollywood. Celebrity doctor-dermatologist and cosmetologist, whose clients include Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Beyoncé and many other Hollywood celebrities. Harold launches his line of skin care products and is the author of bestsellers about effective anti-aging treatments.

This article contains recommendations from a well-known cosmetologist on how to look younger no matter how old you are.

Daily peeling

Many cosmetologists and dermatologists claim that frequent peeling causes damage to the epidermis and destroys protective layer of the skin. But Dr. Lancer strongly disagrees with this. According to him, daily peeling and exfoliation – is a guarantee of young and radiant skin.

1 minute rule

In order for the skin to retain as much moisture as possible, a moisturizer should be applied within 60 seconds after you have washed your face.

Washing face with shampoo

It may seem strange, but Lancer claims that dandruff shampoo can help to cope with irritations on skin of face. And all thanks to the fact that such a shampoo contains zinc.

Do not use cotton pads

Celebrity cosmetologist advises to abandon the use of cotton pads, because they soak up a lot of cosmetics, thereby increasing its consumption. He recommends applying the foundation with your fingers, and simply wash your face with a tonic.

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