At what you should pay attention not to buy an expired products

4) Do not neglect the opportunity to take a closer look at the product

Usually, special lighting is used in the windows to make the meat, cheese and even confectionery products more fresh, attractive and appetizing. Remember that you always have the right to ask the seller to get out the piece which you liked and to look at it in the usual lighting.

5) Avoid products with a large icing glaze

A thick layer of ice, as a rule, indicates that the product was several times thawed and frozen back. First, the use of such products is not very safe for health, and secondly, do you want to pay for the ice or the product itself?

And finally, of course, you can consult with the seller or employee of the trading room, counting on his honesty and decency, but in any case, attention and caution are not superfluous.