At what you should pay attention not to buy an expired products

1) Try not to buy prepackaged goods

On the one hand, this is of course very convenient, because it is easiest quickly to find he correct quantity of grams from pre-packaged products, than waiting for it to be sliced, weighed and packed. But sometimes this rush and "convenience" may be entirely impractical, if it will cause a food poisoning, which it is not the most fascinating prospect how to spend your evening.

Consider that if it is slicing cheese or meat products, they usually send to be prepackaged the leftovers from a large piece, and you do not know how much time this piece stood, waiting for its buyer. In addition, at home you can expect an unpleasant surprise, when the spoiled pieces will be covered from above with more fresh ones. Therefore, you can ask a seller to slice pieces before your eyes or you can give preference to products with factory packaging.

By the way, the same applies to the packaging of fruits, vegetables and berries - the probability of finding a few well-rotten pieces inside is much higher than if you or a consultant, before your eyes, individually collected and weighed the required amount.

2) Note the condition of the package

Very often the packaging itself can be an excellent indicator of the shelf life and freshness of the product. If you notice any deformations, stains, dents, skimpy cardboard and so on - all this may be a clear sign that the product was stored incorrectly, the conditions of carriage may have been violated or the expiration date has expired.

3) Be careful with the department of cookery

Everyone knows the feeling when there is no desire to cook, but to have something ready to eat just what you need, especially if it's some tasty salad or meat in an unusual sauce. But be prepared for the fact that, usually, the food department uses products that are close to the end of their shelf life, or are already overdue. With the help of a large number of spices and garlic, as well as ornaments from fresh greens, often not fresh products are hidden.

Also it is worth considering that salads, which contain meat, eggs or fish, especially if they are with mayonnaise, get spoiled much faster than ordinary vegetables with oil.

Also look at the observance of security measures in the store. At a minimum, the following rules must be kept:

- the seller who puts food must use a disposable glove;

- ready-made salads should be stored in a separate showcase, as well as in glass containers (in the metal they are quickly oxidized);

- each tray must have a separate spoon.

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