5 most fashionable heels in the new season

Designers have already announced the list of the latest trends in the fashion world, that will rule in all seasons of 2019. The most interesting clothes, in which, without a doubt, all the fashionable women of the world will be dressed, presented on the world podiums. It is by analyzing the latter, we can conclude what form of heel will be relevant in 2019.

We also got acquainted with fashion trends and are ready to share our observations on what kind of shoes and which heel you need to buy in the current year.

Slanted heel

This type of heel will achieve its peak of popularity in 2019. Such type of heel is frequently found in cowboy-style boots, but now designers combine it with more exquisite and modern models of shoes. The main thing that needs to be taken into account when choosing a shoe with a slanted heel is a pointed toe, which will give the shoe a more sophisticated look.

Trapezoid heel

Another actual trend of 2019 is a trapezoid heel. This type of heel will give steadiness to shoes and will please fashionistas who do not like stilettos. In addition, the trapezoid heel is very comfortable in wear and will add fashionable image and sensuality to your style. This form of the heel goes well with pumps and boots.

Kitten heel

This type of heel goes in and out of fashion. But if you want to get more gentle and bland image - kitten heel- this is what you need. It is hard not to agree that it is not the most comfortable heel, but it looks very exquisite. This form of the heel goes quite well with pointed toe shoes and shoes with open heels.

Column heel

The conclusion from all said above is that the main trend of 2019 is massive, quite thick and steady heels. Column heel is found in almost all collections of famous designers and almost all types of shoes. But especially interesting and fashionable this form of heel looks on classic shoes, boots and ankle boots.

Flared Heel

Heel of such form is considered relatively new trend in 2019. Therefore, if you want to create a truly original image - pay attention to this type of heel. In its form, it is similar to a flared jeans or a glass. But despite its unusual form, such a heel is very steady and gives the image expressiveness, charm and originality.