The eyes hurt! New Oprah Winfrey's mansion and the luxury manors of other celebrities

Not so long ago, the news broke that the legend of American television Oprah Winfrey bought a new estate. The mansion is located on the island of Orcas in the state of Washington, USA. For this new house, the TV star paid more than $ 8 million.

On the territory there are several sites: a three-story main house with a wine cellar with total area of 678 square meters; guest house, the area of which is 274 square meters and private beach.

Although, according to Hollywood standards, the new acquisition of Oprah Winfrey is considered rather modest and inexpensive. To ensure that, let's see what mansions other celebrities own.

1. Tiger Woods

The mansion of the famous golfer is located on the Jupiter Island, Florida. The total area of the estate is about 5 hectares, and its value is estimated at 60 million dollars. On a large territory there is a golf course, a tennis court, several swimming pools and a pier for a 47-meter yacht.

Next, Will Smith's mansion for 43 million dollars.

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