Doubts of Cristiano Ronaldo and his external transformation over the past 9 years

For several months the attention of the football world has been riveted on Cristiano Ronaldo. This is due to the fact that the Portuguese footballer still can not decide whether to stay in Spanish "Real Madrid" or not.

According to the Portuguese media, the forward decided to change the team due to disagreements with club president Florentino Perez and CEO Jose Angel Sanchez. Ronaldo claims that the club's management does not want to renew the contract with him on more favorable terms for him. Footballer regarded this as something that the club simply does not appreciate it.

By the way, in the new season, the leading striker Madrid "Real" would like to receive 75 million euros a year without taxes.

Well, for now, handsome Cristiano suffer from doubts, we propose to track down the photo how he changed outwardly for 9 years of playing in the club "Real Madrid".

2009. Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his goal against Almeria.

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