TOP bizarre sleeping habits of famous people

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The composer composed music until 1.00 am. Then he went to bed, and at 6.00 am he woke up and continued to work on the compositions. So, he slept only for 5 hours.

Sigmund Freud

The psychotherapist also slept very little, about 6 hours a night. There is an opinion that such sleep habits were the reason for his experiments with self-medicating with large doses of cocaine.

Margaret Thatcher

Another ex-prime minister of Great Britain, who was distinguished by a special attitude to sleep. “Iron Lady” slept only 4 hours. By the way, such a schedule caused problems for her successor John Major, because everyone was accustomed to the work of the minister, who “never sleeps”.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson can be called a “little sleeping man” of our time. He gets up at 5.45 every day. He sleeps no more than 6 hours a night. According to him, he tries to exercise each morning and spend time with his family.

And how many hours of sleep do you need to feel really rested? Do you think you could work productively after only 4 hours of sleep?